Share your knowledge and fulfil your wanderlust

by living and working as an English Teacher in China,

one of the world’s most exciting, vibrant and diverse countries.

Education, Teaching & Cultural Exchange

About Us

We are a London based international education consultancy, focusing on Sino-British cultural exchange and language training services.

Our Mission

We have over 20 teaching centers and reading clubs, serving more than 40,000 students in China. While the numbers are expected to continue growing rapidly, our newly launched online story reading business, under the brand Books of Chel-C, will see a substantial increase in demand for native English speakers.

Keyword Education

Keyword Education is a well-known education corporation in the sector of English for young learners in China.  Founded in the UK in 2007, our headquarter is now based in Shenzhen, China. We dedicate ourselves to ESL Teaching, Overseas Study and other International Education Programmes.

Books of Chel-C

A modern brand operated by Keyword Education.

It is a member-only chain reading club, integrating the brand-new concept of library, bookstore and cultural classroom, to assist children aged between 1-18 to develop English skills through systematic reading.


"[My colleagues] are very easy to work with, and have been very welcoming to me... they are very focused and dedicated to improving teaching service and quality..."

- Jon-James Davies - Supervisor of Curriculum Development

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